Before I had my daughter I wore lipstick everyday. It was a sure fire way to lift my spirits and make me feel empowered and ready to take on the world. But on that sunny spring day in 2016, when a very good friend of mine kissed my day old baby on the cheek, leaving a crimson smudge on her perfect skin, I realised that Mac could no longer serve its purpose in my life. I found seeing lipstick on her pure perfect cheek unsettling ,and in that moment my love affair with Ruby Woo, Lady Danger and Teddy Velvet came to an abrupt end.

A few months into the relentless night feeds I realised I needed those bold shades of red and pink more than ever. I wanted to do motherhood my way, bags under my eyes, dark drawn-on brows and a bold lip. I needed to find a lipstick that didn’t rub off when I showered by daughter with kisses, and so my journey began.

I scoured the internet and instagram and committed to three heavy hitters:

  1. Kylie Jenners Matt lip Kit “This ultra-long wearing lip liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application”. $29.00 USD (+ postage and import duty. OUCH!)
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick “a full-pigment liquid lip colour formula that dries down to a weightless matte finish for smudge-proof wearability and long-lasting color”. £ 18.00
  3. Rimmell Provocalips 16hr Kiss-Proof Lip Colour “Kiss-proof, transfer-proof liquid lipstick with up to 16 hours of wear”. £5.99

Kylie was a lifestyle choice I couldn’t afford and wasn’t reliably non transferable. It felt a bit ‘faddy’ and not right for the new ‘mum’ version of me. Anastasia was serving me stunning colour (I went for Dusty Rose) and lasted a good amount of time, but still came off slightly depending on the angle of my lips when I planted a kiss on those precious plump cheeks. As for Rimmell… nearly 5 years after entering the Mother Hood it’s still my go-to. “Kiss-proof”? YES. “Transfer-proof”? YES. “16 hours of wear”? YES. This lipstick is greasy food, hot drink, baby making passionate sex proof. I have to dedicate an extra 10 minutes of make up removal time when I wear it. But it’s worth it for all smudge and transfer free kisses I get to give my (now slightly bigger) babies.




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