Okay so admittedly I’m not into clothes that are specifically made for breastfeeding. There, I said it. However, I have to shout out the Breastvest, which “makes any top a breastfeeding top”. I should state that, though this  may sound like an AD, it isn’t. I just have a lot of love for them because they enabled me to expand my outfit choices when I was breastfeeding. Some days all you want to do is throw a t-shirt on and be rid of any faff – when you’re sleep deprived even the task of buttoning up your shirt can feel mammoth. But I always felt so self-conscious at the prospect of having my tummy out in public. These vests solved that problem. They’re so simple but somehow made me feel comforted. You can, of course, just wear a normal vest under your t-shirt, but If I’m honest that took me back to the days my mum would make me wear a vest under my clothes if it was below 15 degrees! I enjoyed the fact that these felt like an extension of my underwear rather than part of my outfit. Such a small thing, but as we know it’s all these seemingly small things that help us feel more human.


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