D.A.Y is a shop that’s easy to be in. It’s a joy from the moment you step in and get a whiff of the flickering scented candle  – a blend of green balsam fir (Christmas tree minus the festive feeling) alongside wood smoke and musky patchouli (sweet yet earthy). Think cabin in the woods.

Visually you get a sense that, whether you buy something or not, you’re going to feel inspired. They’ve managed to stock their rails so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of browsing, but excited at the opportunity to find something you love. I certainly felt confident that everything had been lovingly hand picked by women who have an eye for style.

Ran by sisters Disha, Apee and Yukti (two of whom are mothers), all three agree that being able to hold onto ones sense of style throughout motherhood is a godsend, especially if you choose to breastfeed. Thankfully their little haven on the Bellenden Road is filled with BFF garms. 


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